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365 Days To Be The Best YOU

365 Days To Be The Best YOU

Are you prepared to make a significant change in your life? Put an end to your fantasies and make it a reality. Discover the 365-day challenge and set and achieve all of your fitness goals!

The most frequently stated goals in the fitness world are to lose body fat or to “get in shape.”

The issue is that these and similar objectives are rarely met or pursued seriously. Each January, individuals flock to commercial gyms like moths to the light.

After a few weeks, if that individual has not achieved their ideal physique (I’ve witnessed it! ), they will quit before February.

Their attendance will be patchy for the remainder of the year, at least until the new school year begins. This is pitiful behaviour. Annually performing this song and dance gets you nowhere and makes you look like a complete joke.

In One Year’s Time

My challenge to you is straightforward. I challenge you to be a better person a year from today than you are today.
  • I want you to improve in every aspect of your life, but for the purposes of this article, let’s focus on health, fitness, and athletic performance.
  • I want you to be stronger a year from today. This requires a commitment to the iron and a focus on fundamental strength-building movements.
  • I want you to be in shape one year from today. This requires a commitment to difficult conditioning workouts such as pushing the Prowler and an acceptance of the challenge.
  • I want you to be more athletic one year from today. This requires you to sprint, jump, and lift in the manner of an athlete.
  • I want you to be leaner one year from today. This means you must eat healthfully the majority of the time and refrain from allowing food to rule your life.
  • I want you to be mentally tougher one year from today. This means that you are not required to give up like an immature child or a coward when circumstances do not go your way.
  • I want you to look back one year from today and say, “I accepted this challenge and it significantly improved my life.”
The key to accomplishing this is to have a plan. Without a well-defined course of action, you will find yourself at sea without a map.
365 Days To Be The Best You Andrei Deiu
Set yourself a Training Program 
If you’re like Bugs Bunny and jump from workout programme to workout programme every week, you’ll never achieve success. Exercises do not have to be elaborate. They simply need to provide you with a means of making consistent progress.
This is why progressive overload is so effective for a trainee who is willing to adhere to the plan. If you squat 150 pounds for three sets of ten reps on your first day of training and then squat 150 pounds for three sets of ten reps a year later, do you honestly believe your legs will look any different?
The answer is emphatically no.
If you are training with a personal trainer and are always using the same exact weight for the same exact reps with the same exact rest periods, you should begin asking some questions.
Training should always be a source of discomfort. The weight used, the number of reps performed, and the amount of rest between sets all play a role in building your body. This also holds true for conditioning.
Many people perform “cardio” on an ineffective, soul-draining machine and then believe they are accomplishing something. I’ll tell you what they’re doing: they’re squandering their time!
With the vast array of things your body is capable of doing, such as sprinting, pushing the Prowler, or performing bodyweight conditioning moves, there is no reason to waste time on these ineffective “cardio” machines.
When was the last time you saw something truly inspirational in the “cardio” section?
When was the last time you saw someone in incredible shape using a treadmill, elliptical, or stair master as their primary conditioning tool? I’m going to wait.
What you need to do is adhere to a fundamental training programme that will hold you accountable and enable you to develop significant muscle, strength, and conditioning. By persevering through the program’s inevitable setbacks, you will be rewarded with an incredible physique.

365 Days To Be The Best You Training Plan

Fuel your body with the right Nutrition

Thus, eating properly does not require you to deprive yourself of nutrients by eating lettuce leaves at every meal.  Additionally, this does not imply that you must join the latest fad diet simply because Charley Celebrity is promoting it.

All that eating properly entails is that your diet should be centred on whole, unprocessed foods that will help you become stronger, healthier, and leaner.  The foundation of your diet will be lean meats, whole grains, healthy fats, properly timed starches, vegetables, and fruits.

You can begin by counting and tracking your macronutrients.  You can’t allow food to control you and continue to make poor daily choices.  This will only serve to derail your efforts to improve your physique.

If you continue to train without regard for your diet, you will continue to spin your wheels indefinitely.  Without a close eye on your nutrition, you will be unable to achieve your physique goals.

The entire key to successful dieting is having a sustainable diet that you can quickly adapt to meet your specific goals. Diet gimmicks are the epitome of phoney hustle.

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Recovery is Key

If you sleep 3-5 hours per night while attempting to improve your physique and performance, you will fall short.  If you are constantly clinging to stress and have not developed the ability to move forwards, you will jeopardise your gains as well.

Make a point of sleeping at least 7-8 hours per night. If you’re falling short, which we all do, try taking a short nap during the day to recharge your batteries.
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Retaining stress and negativity from your past serves no purpose in the present, as the past cannot be changed.  You can learn from your past mistakes and avoid repeating them. However, you cannot live in the past indefinitely.
I’ve experienced financial failure, devastating heartbreak, and the loss of dear friends. All of these events were difficult to process at the time. However, I could not remain in the past or I would have been unable to continue creating my future.
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You cannot expect overnight success, as it takes years to develop a complete and attractive physique.

Personally, I’m holding everyone who reads this article, including myself, accountable for making progress over the next year. If you do not make significant progress over the next year, you should take a hard look in the mirror.

Only you have the power to prevent yourself from achieving maximum success. Only you can prevent yourself from achieving greatness.

Blaming others or your circumstances is the coward’s way out. Accept accountability and then the challenge of improvement.

You have one year from today to improve or you will be a failure. The countdown has begun.

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