Effective Workouts

Quick and Effective Workouts for Lunch Break

It is often difficult to dedicate time for exercise in the current generation as opposed to the past. In as much as most people work, have families, and numerous social responsibilities, time for fitness becomes very limited. But doing a thirty-minute effective workout during lunch can be a life changer. Besides, it helps to free up a person from the desk and recharge energy, increasing levels of happiness, as well as productivity. Below, we have a list of workouts that can be done at any time, and more importantly during lunch hence you do not have to compromise on your work to do some exercises. But to make it even better, we will explain to you how certain Bodytech supplements can enhance your training.

Importance of Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but work and other commitments take up so much of people’s time. Thus, a workout during a lunch break is a good idea as it gives an excellent chance to have physical fitness without interrupting business. Thus, these workouts include high intensity, with a smaller number of repetitions, and are ideal for beginners and those who lack time to spend in a gym, at least, some exercises to boost energy levels and enhance efficiency in a particular workday.

Best and effective workouts for your lunch break

  • Neck Stretches: Rotate your head clockwise and anti-clockwise; keep at each position for 15-20 seconds.
  • Shoulder Rolls: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms at your side; rotate your shoulders in forward circles for 10; reverse for another 10.
  • Leg Extensions: This one can be done seated whereby one is required to bring out one of the legs to the front and hold it for a few seconds. Swop up the legs for about 10-15 sets each.
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Effective Yoga for office break

Yoga has an aspect of exercising, and it carries features that are relaxing, a break from stress, and helps in body flexibility and a clear mind, and this is best done in the mid-afternoon.

  • Chair Pigeon Pose: Sit on the edge of the chair and cross one leg over the other; lean forward till you feel the stretch on your ankles and hold for 15-20 seconds.
  • Standing Forward Fold: Raise your knees, bend at the waist, and lower yourself as if touching the floor with your fingers. Bend forward, placing your head in such a way that it is in a passive position as though your head has been removed from your body, continue holding this position for 20 to 30 seconds.
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High-Intensity interval Training (HIIT)

As a result of exercising at high intensity, HIIT has the benefit of involving a few sets of powerful activities together with some recovery periods in between, thus it is a rapid and worthwhile cardiovascular exercise.

Types of exercise 

  • Jumping Jacks: Do jumping jacks for 30 seconds; then, take 15 seconds of rest.
  • High Knees: Jogging from side to side and getting your knee as high as possible for half a minute. Rest for 15 seconds.

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Walking or Jogging

A quiet and relaxing activity that involves the whole-body walking or jogging; it’s great for the heart and gets the mind right.

How to do it:

  • Outdoor Walk: Go for a 15-20-minute brisk walk around the office building or any nearby park in your free time.
  • Indoor Jogging: If you cannot go out, then try jogging in place or around your office for about 10-15 minutes.
  • Stair Climbing: Stair climbs in the office – The office stairs should act as your gym where you can do a quick but energy-consuming exercise whenever you are not busy. It needs to be up and down movement for 10-15 minutes while maintaining a certain rhythm.

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Here are some tips on how to get a good workout done within your lunch break; These simple and useful movements will allow you to keep moving, lower stress, and enhance the quality of your life. So, with BodyTech supplements, one can achieve the best results from workouts and have the energy for any of the tasks that the day has in store for a person. Thus, have some time off, exercise more, and experience the advantages of a better way of living with BodyTech Supplement as your companion.


Lunch break exercises can be 10-20 minutes at most. It pertains on the type of exercises that should be performed to maximize time without sacrificing the number of areas that will be developed at the gym. 

Absolutely! The workouts enumerated above are meant to be easily done with limited space, thus appropriate for spaces like apartments. desk stretches can easily be done in an office setting as well and bodyweight circuits can be done in a limited space. Originally, you can even perform HIIT exercises, and walking/jogging restricted to the ample space within your house.

For this reason, BodyTech product compliments are designed to cater to all individual aspects of fitness including a boost in energy before fitness-related activities and recovery after exercise sessions.