Lifting Chalk Ball by Vantage Strength


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Lifting Chalk Ball by Vantage Strength is ideal for weight training, gymnastics, climbing, or finishing your Cross Fit box’s WOD. To minimise dust production, the chalk ball comes in a refillable pouch.

Significant Characteristics,

  • Magnesium carbonate top grade, 100 percent pure (MgC03)
  • Specifically engineered to live longer and generate less dust
  • Enhances grip, resulting in increased climbing and lifting performance
  • Pouch that is refillable
  • Sizes available: 56g

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Lifting Chalk Ball By Vantage Strength

Lifting Chalk Ball by Vantage Strength

Are you chalked before ur lifts?

Whether you’re a seasoned lifter or a beginner, chalk powder is that mysterious gym equipment you’ve always seen used but never understood why.

Check out the information below to learn more about the benefits of using Lifting Chalk Ball by Vantage Strength during exercises!

The 4 Most Important Benefits Of Lifting Chalk Ball by Vantage Strength:

1. Eliminate Sweat
Chalk is a time-honored method of combating sweat during gym sessions. Whether you’re performing hefty lifts or quick kettlebell repetitions, utilising chalk will help you avoid sweaty palms. Spreading a layer of chalk across your palms will absorb sweat, providing you with dry hands to lift properly. Before you begin, gain a firm grip on your lifts and get chalked up!

2. Intensify the lift
Want to discover how to lift more weight for a longer period of time? Using chalk to keep your hands and palms dry enables you to elevate your gym performance. When you’re lifting, it’s common for your hands and fingers to lose their grip initially. Chalk enables you to hold for a longer period of time, allowing you to lift heavier and work out longer.

3. Avoid Injuries
Another advantage of utilising chalk is that it produces a protective coating over your hands during your lifts and exercises. This protective layer shields your hands from blisters and rips, which frequently occur during fast and repetitive training motions. After each session, reapply a fresh coating to keep your hands dry and injury-free.

4. Maintain Your Body’s Form
When your grip is compromised during large lifts, the rest of your body must compensate to ensure that you can safely continue to hold the weight. This means that your joints bear the brunt of the weight when your muscles should. Too much of this compensatory activity can be detrimental to your health. Maintain proper body form throughout lifts by always maintaining a solid grip!

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