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The Knee Sleeves Neoprene by Vantage Strength are the pinnacle of performance, support, and protection for the knee. 5mm premium grade Neoprene with 4-thread ultra-stretch stitching. Vantage Strength Knee Sleeves maximise joint support, protection, compression, and warming while allowing for flexibility and comfort.

Ideal for squats, deadlifts, and powerlifting, but also excellent for CrossFit and any other strong sport or strength training that requires optimum knee support and protection.

Significant Characteristics,

  • Superior quality Neoprene 5mm.
  • Maximum support and warmth for joints.
  • Long-lasting, comfy, and adaptable.
  • Stitching using four threads of Ultra-stretch.
  • Sold in sets of two.



Knee Sleeves Neoprene By Vantage Strength Black

Knee Sleeves Neoprene by Vantage Strength

Numerous Advantages of Knee Sleeves In a nutshell, knee sleeves safeguard the knee against injury or potential damage.

With the knees continually under pressure and stress from regular workouts, the added support is beneficial.

Knee Sleeves Neoprene by Vantage Strength are particularly popular among functional fitness athletes, Olympic weightlifters, and powerlifters.

Knee sleeves enhance blood flow and alleviate pain by providing necessary compression. You’ll find that your knees warm up more quickly and remain warm throughout your workout.

Knee sleeves are also beneficial post-workout, as they aid in recuperation by assisting in the reduction of swelling and soreness. They’re also beneficial for your technique and positioning.

They give tremendous lateral hold due to the additional compression, supporting your patella and joints and stabilising you as you squat with large weights.

Note: knee sleeves are used as a training assistance. To avoid injury, it is critical that you work with your coaches to improve your mobility, technique, and mastery of motions and lifts. Sleeves are a aid, not a substitute for them.

When Should Knee Sleeves Neoprene by Vantage Strength?

Fitness takes a toll on your body, and it’s critical to safeguard your knees. They perform a great deal of work and shoulder a great deal of responsibility, and poor knees can develop into unhealthy ankles, hips, and even back problems.

There is a reason why they are so popular. It is not necessary to be a professional or a heavy lifter to benefit from knee sleeves. If you’re lifting any amount of weight that’s difficult for your body, sleeves may be beneficial.

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Sizing Chart

Extra Small 24-28 cm
Small 29-32 cm
Medium 33-36 cm
Large 37-40 cm
Extra Large 40-46 cm

Measure the circumference of your knee around the centre of your patella.


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