Heavy Duty Arm Blaster by Vantage Strength


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The Heavy Duty Arm Blaster by Vantage Strength is a modern interpretation of a classic weightlifting exercise.

This simple accessory, made of 5mm laser-cut hardened aluminium, is designed to be worn around the neck while practising biceps curls. The Arm Blaster encourages good form by isolating the biceps and enhancing the strength-building benefits of the exercise by keeping the arms tight against the body throughout the movement.

Significant Characteristics,

  • Aluminium 5mm thick, toughened
  • Elbow caps in black rubber are extremely durable.
  • Neck strap made of nylon that is adjustable
  • Neck pad made of neoprene
  • Black matte finish
  • Specifications: One size fits everybody

610mm in length, 90mm in width, and 5mm in thickness.

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Heavy Duty Arm Blaster By Vantage Strength Arnold

Heavy Duty Arm Blaster by Vantage Strength

I’d like to discuss the Arm Blaster, a strength training accessory that has made a strong reappearance in recent years.

The Arm Blaster is a curved piece of aluminium approximately 24′′ long and 4′′ high that is worn around the neck while practising bicep curls. Heavy Duty Arm Blaster by Vantage Strength secures your arms against your trunk, ostensibly to ensure good form while simultaneously isolating the biceps.

Naturally, the goal is to maximise the strength-building benefits of bicep curls and to produce a huge pump.

Although Arm Blasters have been around for over 50 years, I believe they fell out of favour for a time and were only reintroduced as a popular training item when Heavy Duty Arm Blaster by Vantage Strength produced their version.

They’ve always existed, but Vantage Strength was instrumental in reviving them.

How Effective Is The Heavy Duty Arm Blaster by Vantage Strength?

The Arm Blaster is effective. It performs just as advertised. The Arm Blaster secures your arms at your sides and isolates your biceps. Additionally, it eliminates or significantly diminishes your capacity to deceive your curls.

Is the Arm Blaster the only tool available for isolating the biceps in this manner? It most emphatically is not.

Not only is this not the only approach to concentrate the biceps, but I personally find it to be the most excruciating curl type.

I don’t mean difficult, but rather uncomfortable, as in it hurts so nice. That is to say, it is physically painful to use the Arm Blaster.

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