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Are you tired of being awake when it’s time to sleep because of a stim-filled pre-workout? Inspired Pumped AF provides a quality pre-workout without the stims, allowing you to achieve your body composition goals while also getting a good night’s sleep!



Inspired Pumped AF

Pumped AF, Inspired Nutraceuticals’ brand new stimulate and caffeine-free pre-workout! If you enjoy the brand that brought you one of Australia’s most powerful pre-workouts, DVST8 BBD, you’ll enjoy this comprehensive and clinically researched pump pre-workout. DVST8 Pumped AF by Inspired is ideal for those who don’t like the jittery feeling that stimulant-loaded pre-workouts cause, or for those who want the pump but want to sleep later at night.

Pumped AF is designed for both serious athletes and recreational gym goers, who can enjoy the benefits of a stim-free pre-workout on its own or stack it with their prefered stimulant product. Vasodilation that is clinically researched and innovative, combined with premium quality active ingredients to promote endurance, power output, and buffer lactic acid!

Inspired DVST8 Pumped AF contains the following ingredients:

Stimulant-free pre-workout that can be taken at any time of day or night
Pumps that split the skin and focus during the workout
Ingredients that have been clinically dosed
Cell volumisation has been optimised.
There are three delectable flavours to choose from: California Gold, Gape Soda, and Pink Pineapple flavours are available, as well as an unflavoured tub to stack with any pre-workout flavour of your choice. Inspired Nutraceuticals has created the BEST pump product for those who are caffeine sensitive or want to train later in the day without being wide awake at bedtime!

Pumped AF only uses high-quality ingredients, many of which have been patented and tested multiple times to ensure you always get exactly what your body requires. Aside from giving us that pumped-up feeling, increasing blood flow brings more oxygen and nutrients to the muscle for better performance. Take advantage of the incredible combination of ingredients to experience increased strength in a hyper-pumped and focused state.

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