Inspired Nutraceuticals DVST8 BBD


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INSPIRED DVST8 BBD is the most anticipated and promising pre-workout flying at long last propelling this week in Australia with the United States. Fans, get ready make an energizing appearance at gym with new supplements onboard and a legitimate brand like INSPIRED DVST8 shares.

15 Active Ingredients!

6g PURE Citruline

3.2g Beta Alanine

375mg Caffeine

250mg English Walnut

200mg Teacrine®

& Much More..


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Available in 5 Amazing Flavours

Candy Clouds (Cotton Candy)

Laguna Sunrise (Orange Mango)

Black Nebula (Blackcurrant Apple)

Concord Candy (Grape)

Northern Lights (Raspberry Slushie)


How to use Inspired DVST8 BBD?

Take 1 serve (one scoop) of DVST8 BBD 15-30min prior to training with 300-400ml of water. we recommend beginning with only half a serve (1/2 scoop) to begin with to assess tolerance for beginners or those who are inexperienced pre-workout users!