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Low calorie, 0 Sugar, gluten free, soy free, pure whey isolate protein with a low carbohydrate content. 100% pure whey isolate with a 100% commitment to flavour excellence. Evogen Isoject is the only cold-filtered isolate on the market that contains the Ignitor Enzyme System, which facilitates the rapid breakdown of protein polypeptides into BCAAs.



Evogen Isoject Athlete

Evogen Isoject

When you go to great lengths to create the most effective whey isolate available, you must also go to great lengths to develop the flavour.

Evogen Nutrition has accomplished precisely that. However, 100% pure proteins that taste great and incorporate cutting-edge technology did not exist until now.

This is why IsoJect is setting the standard for delicious 100% whey isolate that contains only 110-120 calories per serving.

Evogen Isoject Andrei Dui

It makes use of cutting-edge triple cold-filtered whey isolate that has been delicately nano-filtered to maintain the purity of its ultra-pure whey isolate.

This novel processing method enables a higher glycomacropeptide content than is possible with ion exchange.

This peptide in Evogen Isoject contains a high concentration of branched chain amino acids and provides numerous benefits for achieving your desired body composition goals.

Hany “The Pro Creator” Rambod, CEO of Evogen, waited years to release this precise formulation because he could not compete in the protein market with all the impure products.

This was because many manufacturers were omitting protein from their protein powders.

They were using low-grade amino acids and creatine fillers, which are significantly less expensive than protein.

Whey protein isolates of superior quality became extinct so we made Evogen Isoject.

Even worse, Hany was having increasing difficulty recommending reputable brands to his clients. However, enough was enough, and despite the growing trend of impure proteins being released, Hany made the ultimate decision to release Evogen Isoject for his world-class athletes and customers worldwide. As with all Evogen products, Evogen Isoject contains only the highest quality whey protein isolate.

Evogen Isoject Athlete


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