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  • Sale! REDCON1 MRE BAR red velvet cake

    Redcon1 Mre Bar

    REDCON1 MRE BAR The perfect meal while on-the-go that’s loaded with proper nutrition made from real food and won’t make you feel overfull.

    Occasionally, carrying a shaker around or obtaining cold water to enjoy your shake is inconvenient.

    Not only can you take a snack with you, but you can also consume REAL FOOD in a calorie-controlled, conveniently packed protein bar with the MRE protein bar.

    Redcon1 stayed true to the MRE concept by creating a bar devoid of sugar alcohols in order to sell a low calorie, low carbohydrate bar.

    Rather than that, they use real food, which means you can enjoy the bar’s flavour as well as its quality!

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  • Sale! Evogen Isoject chocolate

    Evogen Isoject

    Low calorie, 0 Sugar, gluten free, soy free, pure whey isolate protein with a low carbohydrate content. 100% pure whey isolate with a 100% commitment to flavour excellence. Evogen Isoject is the only cold-filtered isolate on the market that contains the Ignitor Enzyme System, which facilitates the rapid breakdown of protein polypeptides into BCAAs.

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