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  • Sale! Faction Labs Disorder Rainbow warrior

    Faction Labs Disorder

    Faction Labs Disorder is a pre-workout supplement scientifically detailed to help better energy levels, pumps, focus and execution. This pre-workout has a mix of ingredients for ideal execution while working out. 

    The blend of ingredients will give you the psychological focus so you can “remain in the zone” for maximal performance. Disorder by Faction Labs likewise has a bundle of ingredients, which will assist with the training you to crush out the hardest workouts.


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  • Sale! Bulge by Faction Labs Plain Jane

    Bulge by Faction Labs

    Bulge by Faction Labs supports muscle function and energy production, enhances memory, alleviates fatigue, and increases muscle strength during high intensity exercise. With Bulge by Faction Labs, you can maximise your training and never have to settle for what you are.

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