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    Gen-Tec Pure Carbs

    GEN-TEC PURE CARBS will actuate an insulin spike. Insulin is the most “anabolic” hormone in the human body. The pancreas secretes insulin when glucose levels rise. Being anabolic, insulin will drive supplements from the bloodstream into muscle cells. Using GEN-TEC PURE CARBS with Gen-Tec Creatine, Glutamine 320 and BCAA’s will drastically build take-up of these proteins and make an anabolic (muscle growth) condition. Chromium picolinate has been added to PURE CARBS to help insulin affectability. 

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    Gen-Tec Casein Custard

    At Gen Tec Nutrition we have blended possibly the world’s highest quality Casein Milk  Protein sourced exclusively from New Zealand. Containing high amounts of Branch Chain Amino Acids and L-Glutamine pre-cursors CASEIN PROTEIN CUSTARD has an ideal amino acid profile for bodybuilders and strength training athletes with the goals of increasing lean muscle mass and improving recovery. The premium slow digesting protein is optimal for consumption before short periods of fasting such as sleep as it digests considerably slower than Whey Protein.

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