Wrist Support Thumb Loop by Vantage Strength

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The Wrist Support Thumb Loop by Vantage Strength are the ultimate in comfort and durability. These heavy-duty wraps are constructed of cotton elastic for maximum support and feature a velcro closure that adjusts to fit any wrist size.

Significant Characteristics,

  • For maximum wrist support, measure 80mm wide by 310mm long.
  • Constructed of stretchy cotton elastic
  • Thumb loop for convenient use
  • Provides superior wrist comfort and support
  • A single size fits all.
  • Available in the following colours: black and red



Wrist Support Thumb Loop by Vantage Strength

Wrist Support Thumb Loop By Vantage Strength Red

Vantage Strength Wrist Support Thumb Loop FOR WEIGHT LIFTING WITH HEAVY DUTY HIGH QUALITY SUPPORT When it’s time to gear up and work out.

Our premium quality, expertly crafted wristwraps are the best choice. Wrist Support Thumb Loop by Vantage Strength is made of the highest quality materials, including soft cotton, extended life elastic, and a fully adjustable wrap.

It will ensure your comfort and stability during your workout, while also minimising wrist pain and fatigue.

Wrist Support Thumb Loop by Vantage Strength for Cross training, Calisthenics, Strength training, Powerlifting, and body weight fitness exercises such as chin ups, pull ups, dead lifts, shrugs, overhead or shoulder press, cleans, jerks, planks, burpees, dumbbells, barbell, bench press, kettlebell workouts, WOD, Yoga, and Pilates. Excellent for manual labour and those with carpal tunnel and tendinitis.

By securing your wrists in a neutral position, you can alleviate wrist and joint discomfort and pain.

The Vantage Strength Wrist Support Thumb Loop provides superior support without causing irritation.


The REINFORCED THUMB LOOP secures the wrist wrap in place, allowing you to focus on training and bodybuilding. The pair (2 wraps) of Vantage Strength’s Wrist Support Thumb Loops will protect your wrists while you’re recovering from an injury or pushing your PR.
A ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL DESIGN: No longer will you have to guess which size you require. Fully adjustable, making it ideal for MEN and WOMEN! Adjust the wraps’ tightness to achieve the level of support you require and desire. Protect your wrists to allow you to train harder, lift heavier, and more frequently.

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