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Who wouldn’t want a snickers bar in the afternoons? Those are the aspirations we all harbour! However, we all know that eating a snickers bar every day is bad for your diet, so Mars came up with an idea: why not create a protein powder that tastes just like a snickers bar but is better for you?

Discover the world of Mars’ Snickers Whey Protein. A high protein, low carbohydrate, and fat protein powder with a delectable chocolate, caramel, and peanut flavour reminiscent of the classic Snickers bar.

This protein powder is easily absorbed and contains all of the essential amino acids necessary for peak performance. Protein is a vital nutrient that the body requires to carry out a variety of functions.

Mars’ Snickers Whey Protein will provide the macronutrients required to perform on a daily basis. Plus, you get to enjoy this delectable snickers protein powder whenever you want, guilt-free.

When you consume Mars’ Snickers Whey Protein, you’ll: Help maintain a healthy body composition. By supplying your body with the proper nutrients, you can boost your metabolism and achieve better results both in and out of the gym.
Contribute to muscle growth by consuming protein, which helps prevent muscle loss.
Boost your body’s natural antioxidant defences. Whey protein may assist the body in increasing the production of glutathione, one of the body’s primary antioxidants.
Sustain an appetite-suppressing diet, as protein keeps you fuller for longer.
Assist in recovery. This protein powder contains all nine essential amino acids, which aids in recovery time.
Feel no guilt about eating Snickers when Mars Snickers Whey Protein is available. This protein powder tastes just like a regular snickers bar, but it’s much healthier for you. Protein-rich, low in carbs, sugars, and fats, but with the full flavour of a Snickers bar. Take control of it immediately!

Snickers Whey Protein by Mars contains 595 kilojoules per serving (35g).
Protein content: 20.9g
3.5g fat, 2.3g saturated fat
Carbohydrates: 5.4g, sugar: 3.7g


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