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Redcon1 Halo is one of the most revolutionary products to hit the market in the last 5 years (at least). If you are looking to dramatically increase lean muscle mass, enhance recovery, minimize water retention and estrogenic activity, increase strength and muscle fullness NATURALLY – look no further than Redcon1 Halo.

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REDCON1 HALO benefits
  •          Increase protein synthesis
  •          Decrease estrogenic activity
  •          Highly anabolic
  •          Anti-catabolic
  •          Increase lean gains
  •          Increase strength
  •          Safe for Men AND Women
  •          Non-hormonal
  •          Non-toxic
  •          Bigger pumps
How to use REDCON1 HALO

For natural muscle building benefits, simple take 1 100mg capsule of Redcon1 Halo twice daily with meals. Redcon1 Halo is safe to take for extended periods and does not require cycling.

Who can take REDCON1 HALO

Redcon1 Halo is suitable for Men and Woman looking to increase fat free lean muscle mass, minimize muscle breakdown and maximize recovery. Redcon1 Halo is a powerful addition to athlete, gym goer or fitness enthusiast regardless of body composition goals.


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