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MuscleTech Iso Whey Clear 22 grams of protein in a lighter, cleaner formula with fruity flavours in a juice-like blend for a tasty, refreshing drink.
You’ll notice the difference with an outstanding taste, zero grammes of sugar or fat, less than 1 gramme of carbs, and 22 grams of protein from pure whey isolate. The decision is clear with ProHydrolase for better amino absorption.


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Let’s start with a disclaimer: not all proteins are created equal. Take, for example, Iso Whey Clear, a game-changing protein supplement for people looking for a light, healthy method to receive their protein. Iso Whey Clear provides a new class of premium isolate protein with the high efficiency absorption your body requires, thanks to its easy mixability. What’s better? You’re going to enjoy the flavour.

PRODUCT Advantages

  • Supports lean muscle and strength
  • Light and crisp flavour with easy mixing
  • Mixes like BCAAs but has all the benefits of a post-workout protein shake
  • Amplified with ProHydrolase® for 20% greater absorption
  • Supports muscle recovery
  • All killer, no filler—formulated to cover everything

Iso Whey Clear is a ground-breaking, unique protein supplement for people looking for a lighter, more natural method to acquire their protein. It offers a new class of premium isolate protein with the high-efficiency uptake your body requires, thanks to its juice-like mixability. What’s better? You’ll enjoy the flavour.

We’ve given the traditional milkshake-based protein a new twist. With 22g pure whey protein isolate, this delectable recipe mixes like BCAAs yet has all the advantages of a post-workout smoothie. It’s also enhanced with ProHydrolase®, which helps your body absorb protein. ProHydrolase® assists in protein breakdown and promotes the intake of vital amino acids, keeping you fed and aiding in recovery.



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