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International Protein Amino Charged WPI. It is well-known among bodybuilders and high-performance athletes as a fantastic alternative to whey protein concentrate (WPC) that can aid in muscle growth and recovery.

International Protein WPI contains the highest concentration of protein (94 percent by dry weight), the lowest fat content of any protein, and less than 1% carbs and sugars (lactose). Our WPI protein is quick to digest and high in protein, making it the ideal post-workout supplement. Additionally, this product contains additional amino acids, making it ideal for people seeking a rapid recovery following exercise.



International Protein Amino Charged WPI

What do you get when you combine whey protein isolate, natural whey peptides, and the highest allowable levels of L-glutamine and L-arginine? This is our extremely popular Amino Charged WPI, which provides the following benefits:

Advanced Amino Recovery Technology Grass-Fed WPI with Whey Peptides Stabilizers Glutamine and Arginine Free for Rapid Absorption INGREDIENTS IN AMINO CHARGED WPI PROTEIN
This whey isolate has a huge 35g of high-quality whey protein every 40g dose, making it the most delectable way to improve protein nutrition and replenish your system on a daily basis.

Whey isolate provides the most protein (94% by dry weight), is extremely low in fat, and includes less than 1% carbs and sugars. The minimal fat and sugar content may aid in weight loss and lean muscle mass growth. Our grass-fed WPI protein powder contains a naturally high concentration of bioactive peptides necessary for muscle tissue synthesis and immunoglobulin proteins necessary for immune system support.

This nutrient-dense protein is a good source of all necessary amino acids and includes the highest concentration of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), particularly leucine, of any protein source (24-25 percent ). BCAAs aid in muscle rehabilitation following strenuous exercise or athletics.

This product contains di and tripeptides derived from ultra-rapidly hydrolyzed whey protein isolate. Whey peptides kick-start muscle growth by stimulating the liver to create anabolic growth factors that promote muscular growth and recovery.

This supplement contains natural fermented L-glutamine that is made without the use of chemicals, leaving no hazardous residues. You’ll discover only pure, clean L-glutamine in this product to aid with recuperation and immune function.

Free-form L-glutamine and L-arginine are added to our whey protein isolate to bring their levels closer to those found in other types of protein, resulting in an even stronger amino acid profile. L-glutamine and arginine are amino acids classified as ‘critical clusters’ that aid in muscle preservation during periods of low energy intake or dieting. If you’re looking to slim down, this supplement can help you maintain muscle mass while burning fat.

Nothing dilutes this pure protein; only the highest-quality protein and amino acids are accessible for your body to assimilate at the quickest rate possible. Why pay for whey protein isolate and then use vegetable gums, thickeners, and fillers to impede its rapid absorption?

Easily Digested – for speedy and effective digestion, we source the finest grade whey protein isolate, hydrolyzed whey protein isolate (whey peptides), and free form amino acids.
There are no vegetable gums or soy proteins, so you won’t feel bloated.
Gluten-free – contains no low-quality glutamine peptides generated from hydrolyzed wheat or wheat proteins, making it acceptable for coeliacs and those allergic to wheat.
100 percent Great Taste – a variety of delectable flavours that will keep you coming back for more.
Ultra-Low Fat — 99 percent fat-free for guilt-free weight loss supplementation.
Without aspartame – sweetened with sucralose for a pleasant taste that contains no undesirable chemicals.
Simple to Mix – simply add water and mix. Without the use of a blender, Amino Charged WPI mixes fast and effortlessly into a light, delectable shake.


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