Inspired Nutraceuticals Protein+ Collagen Peptides


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Inspired Nutraceuticals Protein+ Collagen Peptides, Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics
This dynamic duo gives you the best of both protein worlds. Your muscles, brain, skin, hair, and joints will thank you for giving them what they need, and you’ll slow down the aging process, combat stress, and increase your immunity.

24g Protein Per Serve
Less than 1g of Fat

4 New Flavours 😋
Choc Marshmallow 🍫
Cookie Dough 🍪
Banana Milkshake 🍌
Red Velvet Cupcake 🧁



The benefits of Inspired Nutraceuticals Protein+ Collagen Peptides include:

  • Heat Stability: Collagen peptides don’t break down or lose their benefits when heated, so they are perfect for cooking and baking.
  • Amino Acids: Collagen peptides are full of a few precious amino acids:
    • Glycine and Arginine combine with methionine to make creatine; then your muscles use creatine for energy.
    • Hydroxyproline in combination with glycine and arginine, creates collagen in your body, keeping your skin youthful and your joints strong.
    • Glutamic acid passes along roughly 40% of all chemical and electrical messages in the brain.
  • Elastin: a compound that actually sounds like what it does. Elastin helps keep your skin and joints supple, flexible, and hydrated – like a new elastic band. Glycine and hydroxyproline-rich collagen peptides provide the perfect building blocks for your body to make more elastin.


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