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GEN-TEC NUTRACEUTICALS sources, blends, and packages L-CARNITINE powder that is 100 percent pure pharmaceutical grade. L-CARNITINE supplementation is recommended for persons wishing to lose subcutaneous body fat.



If you want to burn fat faster yet want a naturally occuring substance to assist you in doing so, Gen-Tec Nutrition’s L-Carnitine is for you.

There are numerous fat reduction pills available, but the challenge is that the majority of them contain high levels of caffeine, making them difficult to take late at night or, in the case of some people, impossible to take at all if they are stimulant sensitive.

And then there are the numerous adverse health concerns associated with some of those fat burners. The good thing about L-Carnitine is that it is completely natural and can actually benefit your health rather than harm it.

When you use Gen-Tec Nutrition’s L-Carnitine, you’ll notice the following benefits:
Increased fatty acid transfer out of the fat cell, which assists your body in preparing to use these fatty acids for energy.
Increased muscle endurance levels now that your body has a greater supply of fatty acids to burn as fuel
Increased metabolism during physical activity. This can result in decreased tiredness and increased performance, which contributes to total fat loss results.
There is less risk of glycogen depletion during non-intense activity since fatty acids can be used as a fuel source. This leaves you with more muscle glycogen to burn during those high-intensity sets.
May assist in lowering cholesterol, hence improving heart health and minimising the risk of heart disease
Numerous users also claim increased mental focus and clarity when using L-Carnitine, despite the fact that it has no stimulant impact.
Reduced onset of muscle soreness following an exercise session (DOMS), allowing you to return to the gym sooner and train harder.
L-Carnitine is effective when taken alone or in combination with other pre-workout supplements.

Each serving of Gen-Tec Nutrition’s L-Carnitine contains: 100 percent pure L-Carnitine at a pharmaceutical grade concentration
2 g per serving
There are no unnecessary additives or fillers used.
Easily combines with water
L-Carnitine is fantastic because it does not require cycling, which means you can use it for as long as you need it to achieve better fat loss outcomes.


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