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Even the simplest workouts become more difficult with large grips. There is no need for many different bars, costly equipment modifications, or new routines with Fat Gripz by Vantage Strength in your gym bag. With a diameter of almost 50mm, Fat Gripz by Vantage Strength rapidly increase the thickness of the bar, requiring increased muscle activation and growth. Designed to suit all regular dumbbell and barbell sizes.

Significant Characteristics,

  • Produced from a premium silicone compound
  • 100mm in diameter, 50mm in length
  • Fits all standard dumbbells and barbells
  • Convenient to use

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Fat Gripz By Vantage Strength Black

Fat Gripz by Vantage Strength

STRONG ARMS WILL TRANSFORM YOUR PHYSIQUE – Because they are the most visible portion of the body, concentrating on developing larger arms can quickly transform your overall appearance.

Fat Gripz by Vantage Strength ARE REVOLUTIONARY – They work by wrapping around weights and expanding their diameter.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity – the larger diameter requires your arms to work considerably harder, causing them to expand rapidly.

THE PROFESSIONALS’ SECRET – Fat Gripz by Vantage Strength has won FIVE major awards for men’s training equipment and gym accessories and has been utilised for years by numerous special forces military members, as well as football, basketball, and mixed martial arts professionals.

A YEAR’S WORTH OF RESULTS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE TUB OF PROTEIN POWDER – You’re going to adore the material’s military-grade quality.

Fat Gripz by Vantage Strength are of exceptional quality and feature a slit that allows you to draw them open and put them on virtually any weight.

EXTREMELY VERSATILE – Whether you want to use Fat Gripz by Vantage Strength to increase the size of your arms, as a grip strength trainer, an axle bar adaptor, an arm blaster, or simply as a terrific piece of bicep / forearm exercise equipment, they will help you achieve your goals faster.

In recent years, fat-grip (a.k.a. fat-bar) training has exploded in popularity. It is frequently recommended by professional bodybuilders and strength trainers as a secret for increasing strength and muscular mass, as well as strengthening your upper body’s weak links.

Until recently, the only issue was that few gyms stock or have thick bars or pull-up bars. However, for around $40, you can purchase portable rubber grips, chuck them in your gym bag, and instantly improve your grip and arm strength.

I am a firm believer in fat-grip training. I’ve seen the simple addition of a larger grip accomplish incredible things for athletes’ strength and muscular development, and they’re a must-have equipment in my gym.

As with anything, fat-grip training can be done correctly or incorrectly. The following are the most critical points to remember, as well as my prefered manoeuvres to use with thick grips.

Why is Fat-Grip Training Necessary?
When the thickness of a weight-training implement is increased, the demand placed on the hands and arms is greatly increased. To grip the barbell or dumbbell, you must use more muscular force, which results in increased mechanical tension across the kinetic chain.

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