Dark Mass Turkesterone by Darkside


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Dark Mass Turkesterone by Darkside is a natural anabolic support supplement that contains over 600mg of Turkesterone per serving. Turkesterone is an ecdysteroid that occurs naturally in Ajuga turkestanica. This chemical has been demonstrated to exert anabolic effects on muscle tissue without interfering with hormone function.

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Dark Mass Turkesterone by Darkside

With Dark Mass Turkesterone by Darkside, you can expedite your quest for new lean muscular mass.

Each serving of Dark Mass contains an astounding 600mg of Turkesterone, a natural ecdysteroid that has been found to have anabolic effects without interfering with hormone production.


 Dark Mass Turkesterone by Darkside contains Leucine, Chinese Smilax, Tribulus, and Ashwagandha

A potent combination of substances that contributes to an even more favourable muscle-building environment.

We recommend taking one serving (4 capsules) of Dark Mass daily, at the same time. Simply take four capsules with water or your favourite beverage.

Turkesterone is the newest fad to hit the market! Turkesterone has been a popular topic of conversation in the anabolic support industry, notably in the United States, as the latest impending product.

What exactly is Turkesterone, you ask?

Dark Mass Turkesterone by Darkside contains an ecdysteroid, which is found naturally in a variety of plants and insects.

Ecdysteroids are critical in both plants and insects, as they assist drive critical physiological processes. Turkesterone is gaining popularity in clinical research investigations, with these studies finding positive effects such as increased strength, muscular mass, and muscle protein synthesis.



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