C4 Smart energy


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C4 Smart energy
Delicious flavour made with no sugar and no compromise on taste. It’s time to boost your energy with clinically proven ingredients.



C4 Smart energy

C4 Smart Energy is the energy drink you can trust to boost your brain power with laser focus and increased energy for next-level mental performance. C4 Smart Energy delivers the brain-boosting support of clinically studied ingredients to power up your brain from work to play, gaming to studying.

C4 Smart Energy. | Bodytech Supplements

Designed for innovators, disruptors, hustlers, and go-getters. Unleash your inner Einstein and tap into your mind’s limitless power. C4 Smart Energy provides you with the energy, focus, and mental performance you need to conquer any task, from work to play, gaming to studying, partying to planning. C4 Energy is proudly made with natural flavours, no artificial colours or dyes, and no calories, sugar, or carbohydrates.

  • PLANT-BASED ENERGY — Boost your energy with 200 mg of InnovaTea caffeine, which is derived naturally from green tea leaves.
  • MENTAL FOCUS — Ignite your Superbrain Performance with patented nutrient Cognizin’s mental focus, attention, and recall.
  • ZERO SUGAR — Made with no added sugar and no artificial colours.
  • AMAZING FLAVOR — Refreshing and mouthwatering flavours that are free of artificial colours and dyes.

C4 Smart Energy | Bodytech Supplements

C4 Smart Energy RTD by Cellucor will boost your brain power and increase mental focus and capacity. Whether you need it for work, play, gaming, or studying, C4 Smart Energy RTD has everything you need to succeed.

The C4 Smart Energy RTD was designed for innovators, disruptors, go-getters, and hustlers. This ready-to-drink energy in a can is crafted with natural flavours and no artificial colours or dyes to provide the ultimate mental focus. Unleash your inner Einstein and tap into limitless power.

What are the advantages of Cellucor’s C4 Energy RTD?
It has no calories, sugar, or carbohydrates.
Improve your mental focus and capacity.
Activate the brain and take on any task that comes your way.
Natural flavours are used, and no artificial colours or dyes are used.
Superior mental performance
heightened energy and explosive
Flavors that are delicious
What is the caffeine content of Cellucor’s C4 Energy RTD?
The caffeine in C4 Energy RTD comes from Innovatea Green Tea Extract, which contains 150mg. Each can contains carefully selected ingredients that will provide you with the ultimate brain-boosting support. Cellucor RTD is ideal for revving up the brain for work, study, play, or gaming.

Can I drink C4 Smart Energy RTD before working out?
Yes, the C4 Smart Energy RTD is an excellent addition to your pre-training regimen. This RTD energy drink’s ingredients will provide you with the perfect boost in mental focus and capacity for your next workout.

Is beta-alanine present in the C4 Energy RTD?
No, the C4 Energy RTD contains no beta alanine, so you won’t experience the tingly sensations that many pre workouts do. This product has a completely transparent label, so you can see exactly what’s inside each can.


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