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All American EAAs by Liberty Labz is a new concept. EAA ActiveTM amino acids, which contain a high amount of leucine, combined with the novel, hypertrophic properties of LaxopureTM, are a sure fire way to accelerate recovery and increase muscle growth. All American EAATM is on the verge of becoming a staple in your supplement regimen due to its incredible taste.



All American EAAs by Liberty Labz

There is no debate about which service, good, or utility is superior in a capitalist society. Ideas are introduced to the marketplace in whatever form they take, and their success is determined by their utility in making America Great Again – or, perhaps more accurately, Keeping America Great. Our bodies, like America, are incredible, and they truly appreciate only what works; there is no fooling them. BCAA’s act as a stimulant for the body. They make things “appear” to be going well for a time, but there is nothing meaningful happening! They serve only as an indicator of growth.

On the other hand, EAA results in measurable growth and recovery. They provide both the signal and the materials necessary to initiate anabolism and begin adding muscle tissue. That is why we are proud to offer All American EAAs by Liberty Labz, the authentically American method of obtaining Amino.

  • 4g L-Leucine increases MPS rates by activating mTOR.
  • EAA Active provides the amino acids required to synthesise muscle proteins.
  • Laxopure Brassinosteroid laxogenin acts as a secondary growth stimulant.
  • Vitamins and minerals contribute to the health of numerous bodily systems and aid in metabolism.

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Benefits of All American EAAs by Liberty Labz

Essential amino acids are those that the body must obtain through diet, as they cannot be synthesised in sufficient quantities or at all within the body. The BCAAs leucine, isoleucine, and valine, as well as six others – lysine, threonine, phenylalanine, histidine, methionine, and tryptophan – are all classified as EAAs. Leucine serves as a dietary signal to the body that it is time to activate MPS and begin muscle building and/or recovery.

While the signal is critical, ALL amino acids are required to synthesise muscle proteins, which contain twenty different amino acids.
Due to the fact that the body can convert essential amino acids (EAAs) to nonessential amino acids (NEAAs) on a “as needed” basis, an amino acid formula containing NEAA effectively dilutes the product. EAA Active provides all of the building blocks necessary for the formation of muscle proteins.

5-Alpha Laxogenin Laxopure is a plant-based natural muscle-building supplement. It is a sapogenin, a saponin-derived steroidal constituent found in plants such as Smilax Sieboldii and mustard seed. 5-Alpha-Hydroxy-Laxogenin has a similar anabolic/androgenic ratio to Anavar, one of the most potent anabolic steroids available, but without the negative side effects.
It is believed to work by decreasing sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) hormones, thereby increasing free testosterone and nitrogen retention, both of which contribute to anabolism.
5-Alpha-Hydroxy-Laxogenin has been shown in human research to increase muscle strength and lean body mass even in the absence of exercise. Additionally, fat loss and improved insulin sensitivity are benefits. Additionally, other studies have demonstrated a 200 percent increase in protein synthesis following 5-Alpha-Hydroxy-Laxogenin supplementation.

All American EAAs by Liberty Labz is a matrix for cellular recovery and hydration and includes a blend of electrolytes and vitamin D to keep the body healthy.

  • Sodium is lost through perspiration, and the optimal time to replace it is during physical activity – one of the best times to drink All American EAAs by Liberty Labz.
  • Potassium is required to maintain a balance between sodium and potassium across the cell membrane.
  • Calcium is necessary for the initiation and maintenance of muscular contractions.
  • Magnesium participates in hundreds of chemical reactions.
  • Vitamin D promotes testosterone production, overall health and wellness, bone health, and fat loss.

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Q: How should I use All American EAATM?

A: All American EAATM is a highly versatile product. EAA is excellent for promoting recovery and growth, and it’s a legitimate way to replace protein while reducing calories and getting shredded. As a result, EAA can be taken at any time of the day to increase muscle protein synthesis. This can be done in between meals, with low-calorie snacks, or immediately following a workout. Take 1 serving (1 scoop) with 10-12 oz of water as a dietary supplement.

Q: Can I use All American EAATM in conjunction with other products?

A: Indeed! To maximise fat loss, combine with Stand The F#% K Up.

Q: What is Brassinosteroids?

A: Brassinosteroids is a type of plant steroid. Brassinosteroids are steroid hormones that regulate plant growth and development. They have a structure that is similar to that of animal hormones.

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