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  • Sale! X50 GREENTEA

    X50 Greentea

    X50 Green Tea one of a kind mix of Matcha Green Tea,  X50 Green Tea, Vitamin B and Goji Berries can help invigorate your digestion, boost fat burning, and advance muscle recovery. It’s loaded with antioxidants and basic amino acids to help keep you empowered and hydrated through your training.

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  • Sale! Ghost Glow

    Ghost Glow


    Your skin is a direct reflection of your body’s capacity to deal with stress, regulate your diet, balance hormones, and endure the environment, so it’s about time you paid it some love… GHOST GLOW is a wicked skin-boosting, detoxifying powerhouse designed to keep you feeling 100 on the inside and out. Let the glistening begin!

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  • Sale! Ghost Pump

    Ghost Pump

    Ghost Pump is a stimulant-free pump pre workout formula, designed to maintain users throughout their workouts.The formula contains many powerful ingredients including citrine, argin nitrate, taurine etc.Benefits of using ghost pumps include increased nitric oxide levels, increased muscle pumps, and improved physical performance.Can be stacked with other supplements including ghost legend, amino acid supplements, creatine or protein powder.

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    Platinum Labs Optiburn Amped

    Platinum Labs Opti-Burn Amped for Increased Energy and Enhanced Mood is a carefully designed weight reduction supplement. Optiburn is a finished fat burning solution that uses five centred strategies to help with fat and weight reduction. This Platinum Labs independently planned dietary supplement is quick-acting, absorbs well, helps in boosting energy, and controls cravings.

    • Increase Energy
    • Fast Acting
    • Enhance Mood
    • 250mg Raspberry Ketones
    • 2,000mg Acetyl-L-Carnitine
    • 200mg Green Tea Extract
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  • Sale! Ghost Gamer

    Ghost Gamer

    GHOST® GAMER delivers an EPIC combo of brain-boosting nootropics and natural energy to ensure you’re dialled for an afternoon on the sticks or at the office.

    • GHOST® Full Disclosure Label
    • 1600MG nooLVL® (per two scoops)
    • 1000MG L-Tyrosine (per two scoops)
    • 500MG Cognizin® Citicoline (per two scoops)
    • 150MG Natural Caffeine (per two scoops)
    • AstraGin®
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