Turkesterone by Killer Labz


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Turkesterone by Killer Labz

  • Increases protein synthesis
  • Improves recovery
  • Increases muscular endurance.
  • Muscle breakdown is avoided.

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Turkesterone by Killer Labz

The ingredient in Killer Labz Turkesterone that everyone in the supp community has been talking about and waiting for has finally arrived. Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with users reporting significant gains with no side effects when recommended doses were followed.

What exactly is Turkesterone?

Ecdysteroids are a class of compounds that are structurally similar to androgens (polyhydroxylated ketosteroids with various tails). Ecdysteroids are a class of hormones that include ecdysone, ecdysteron’, turkesterone, and 20-hydroxyecdysone. These four are the most studied, but each ecdysteroid has the same general properties but varies slightly in potency and effects. Turkesterone appears to be the most anabolic of the bunch.

Is Turkesterone Effective?

It is an effective Estrogen receptor B agonist. It appears to provide a higher level of anabolic activity through a completely different mechanism than standard AAS, resulting in an additive effect.
Anyone looking to improve their ability to build and repair muscle while avoiding androgenic side effects will enjoy this product. This is not only a promising compound to bridge between cycles, but it can also be stacked with during a blast and will not suppress natural Testosterone production at all. This is a huge benefit for natural athletes because they can incorporate it into their regimens without the side effects of traditional anabolics.

Ingredients of Turkesterone

Ajuga Turkestanica Extract (500mg) — contains Turkesterone, a powerful phytosteroid-like compound. Turkesterone, like other ecdysteroids, may aid in protein synthesis, nitrogen retention, protein breakdown limitation, and recovery. Turkesterone appears to have the strongest anabolic and adaptogenic effects of any Ecdysteroids known! Our product contains ajuga turkestanica extract that has been standardised for 10% Turkesterone, yielding a whopping 50mg Turkesterone per capsule!
Decasorb Technology (30mg) is a two-stage absorption-enhancing complex that is used to improve the absorption and bioavailability of compounds that are normally poorly absorbed. Decasorb Tech creates openings in bicellular and tricellular tight junctions, increasing paracellular permeability and allowing for greater intestinal permeation. It inhibits P-glycoprotein and CYP3A4 enzymes at the same time, increasing the bioavailability of co-administered compounds.

Increases protein synthesis, which improves recovery and increases muscular endurance.
Muscle breakdown is avoided.

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