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IN2 Mass Turkesterone is a high-performance mass builder that is designed to perform well in a variety of situations. In Australia, Turkesterone is the next big item to reach the supplement market after garnering a tremendous amount of interest online, particularly in the United States. Turkesterone is what is known as an ecdysteroid, and it is present in both plants and insects in their natural state, where it plays an important structural and functional role in both. Turkesterone research is still in its early stages, but there have already been some promising findings, which suggest that it may have beneficial benefits on strength, muscular growth, muscle protein synthesis, and even fat reduction.  With all of these beneficial effects, Turkesterone is a no-brainer for anyone attempting to maximise their body composition through nutrition and exercise.

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IN2 Mass Turkesterone


WHAT EXACTLY IS In2 Mass Turkesterone?

Turkesterone is an ecdysteroid (ECDY), which are steroid hormones that are often found in arthropods, as well as some plant species. It has been shown that this natural substance has a significant anabolic effect on the body’s Human muscle.


Mass Turkesterone not only has a huge 600mg of Turkesterone per serve, which is significantly more than any other Turkesterone product now available on the market, but it also contains a potent blend of other ingredients.

However, it also has a comprehensive ingredient panel that is meant to increase the nutrient intake of Turkesterone, resulting in greater and faster outcomes. If there was a single crowned mass building supplement, that would be ideal. This is the end of the road. There’s no doubt about that.


Main Ingredients:

Extract of Ajuga Turkestanica is an ecdysteroid hormone, which can be found in a variety of organisms including plants, insects and arthropods. In insects, they aid in the acceleration of critical processes involved in survival, while in plants, they aid in the formation of structures and the deterrence of predators.

Ecdysteroids are currently the subject of extensive research due to their potential to aid in muscle building as well as their impact on metabolism. Do not settle for a substandard variety of Turkesterone!!

The Hydroxypropyl-Beta-Cyclodextrin Complex is a vital component of this product to consider because it will effectively assist in pulling more nutrients (The Turkestrone) through the stomach lining more efficiently than before.

In addition, this product provides the advantages of additional important elements that aid in the optimisation of performance. 1000mg of Leucine, 200mg of Reishi mushroom extract, 150mg of Tribulus extract, 250mg of Fenugeek extract, 100mg of Chinese smilax extract, and finally 100mg of Ashwaganda extract are the active ingredients.

Does In2 Mass Turkesterone Have Any Effects?

Turkesterone is a relatively new substance, and as a result, there has only been limited study undertaken on it nonetheless, some studies have been conducted on it. Turkesterone beat all of the synthetic anabolic substances tested, much to the surprise of the researchers, when it came to exerting anabolic effects on the body.

It is vital to realise that this data cannot be directly applied to humans yet, the results are extremely encouraging considering that this is a plant-derived substance.

One study conducted on humans discovered that Turkesterone supplementation was similar to 2.5-5mg of D-bol and at this point, experts feel that these results may be attained without the negative side effects that are typically connected with anabolic compounds.

This is excellent news for those who want to optimise their outcomes without having to deal with a slew of unwanted effects. These findings are quite encouraging, and as Turkesterone’s exposure and popularity rise, there is no question that more and more studies will become available.

Muscle mass increase

One of the most well-known benefits of Turkesterone is the increase in lean muscle mass. This supplement accomplishes this by increasing the amount of leucine taken in by the muscles and optimising the mRNA translation process.

The increase in muscle protein synthesis that results as a result of this process contributes to the growth in muscle mass.

Prevents the breakdown of muscle

When you embark on a diet, you’ll notice that your muscle mass decreases. This is one of the most bothersome side effects of dieting. When your body is faced with a caloric deficit, it frequently resorts to not only burning fat, but also burning muscle in order to meet its energy requirements.

Fortunately, with the help of a health supplement such as Turkesterone, this effect can be mitigated.

By enhancing nitrogen retention in the muscles (in a manner similar to anabolic steroids), it becomes much easier to maintain muscular mass while still burning fat during a cut.

During exercise, it helps to keep you from being too tired.

Turkesterone, like creatine, has the same effect on the body as it does on the brain. ATP, also known as adenosine triphosphate, is a molecule that our bodies use for storing and transferring energy between cells, which makes it vitally necessary for having explosive strength and endurance during physical activity and competition.

One of the most significant benefits of Turkesterone is its potential to assist athletes in increasing their endurance, which will benefit you in every workout that you undertake. It will improve your endurance and strength by boosting the amount of ATP produced in your body.

Improves the body’s ability to cope with stress

Cortisol, the body’s primary stress hormone, is associated with a slew of health problems, including decreased muscle mass, increased fat mass, poor sleep quality, and a host of other issues.

In fact, cortisol is perhaps the single worst hormone a bodybuilder could possibly have in his or her bloodstream (when it exists in excess).

Turkeysterone lowers the amount of cortisol in your body by decreasing your stress sensitivity, which not only improves your physical fitness, muscular growth rate, and fat loss rate, but it also improves your mental well-being by lowering your cortisol levels.

It is not necessary to have a PCT.

Many supplements that boost your performance in the gym and that have an anabolic effect on your body may necessitate the use of PCT, or Post Cycle Therapy, after you have finished taking them.

The rationale for this is that taking a supplement (or anabolic steroids) will diminish your body’s natural testosterone levels, therefore when you stop taking them, a PCT is recommended to get your testosterone production back to normal.

Fortunately, because Turkesterone does not bind to androgen receptors, it does not necessitate the use of a PCT. As a result, it is an excellent supplement for increasing protein synthesis, muscle mass, fat loss rate, workout performance, and other important factors.


Turkesterone is the ideal anabolic agent for anyone wishing to gain significant anabolic growth quickly. For individuals seeking a competitive advantage or want to transition away from performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) such as AAS steroids or SARMS.


TO USE: Take 1 serving of IN2 Performance Turkesterone in the morning first thing in the morning, before anything else. Another option is to divide your dosage into two parts: two capsules in the morning and another two capsules at night. We don’t recommend taking more than 4 capsules each day, unless absolutely necessary.



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