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The essential branched chain amino acid (BCAA) L-Leucine has a metabolite called beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate (HMB). When paired with rigorous resistance exercise, human and animal studies reveal protein breakdown and considerable improvements in muscular strength and size. HMB by Ronnie Coleman has also been demonstrated to boost endurance performance in cyclists and runners, as well as speed up strength and muscle mass development in strength athletes.

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HMB by Ronnie Coleman

HMB (short for -Hydroxy-Methylbutyrate) is an amino acid metabolite that, together with KIC (keto-isocaproate) and isovaleryl-CoA, mediates leucine’s actions. HMB appears to be the major metabolite of leucine that more effectively inhibits muscle protein breakdown. About 5% of dietary leucine is oxidised into HMB, and HMB appears to be the main metabolite of leucine that more effectively prevents muscle protein breakdown.

When compared to leucine, HMB appears to be much more effective at slowing muscle protein breakdown on a gram-for-gram basis, but less effective at inducing muscle protein synthesis. As a result, HMB is advertised as an anti-catabolic drug (one that slows down the breakdown of muscle) rather than an anabolic agent (purposed to increase muscle mass).

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Benefits of taking HMB Ronnie by Coleman

Athletes and fitness buffs are constantly looking for ways to improve their abilities. While the appropriate diet and exercise can help fuel that performance, certain supplements may provide additional advantages. HMB by Ronnie Coleman is a popular dietary supplement that has sparked a lot of interest in the health and fitness world because of its ability to help with muscle building and workout performance.

Hmb By Ronnie Coleman Supplement Facts


Take 1 Capsule each day. Do not exceed daily serving.

Hmb By Ronnie Coleman


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