Gat Essentials Liquid L-Carnitine


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GAT Essentials Liquid L-Carnitine 1500 is perfect for sport enthusiasts, weightlifters, athletes and anyone trying to improve their fitness and conditioning. It’s one of the most versatile supplements athletes can utilize.
L-Carnitine helps the body convert food to energy, providing support for endurance exercise (aerobic) and during recovery from high-intensity activities such as weightlifting and sprinting (anaerobic). For Carnitine to be most effective at fat burning,
eating adequate levels of Omega-3 fatty acids may help athletic performance improvement when combined with carbohydrates.

Liquid Formula Advantages:
    • No Artificial Colors
    • No Dairy
    • No Soy
    • No Yeast
    • No Carb
    • No Sugar



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