F’N PUMP’D by Merica Labz

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F’N PUMP’D by Merica Labz is the epitome of explosive pre-workout excellence, proudly crafted for those who crave skin-splitting pumps and unparalleled energy in the gym. As a creation from Merica Labz, a brand synonymous with patriotism and potency, F’N PUMP’D is a salute to intense and effective workouts.

At the core of F’N PUMP’D is a Pump Matrix that includes powerhouse ingredients like L-Citrulline, known for promoting nitric oxide production and delivering intense, long-lasting muscle pumps. Paired with GlycerPump™ for enhanced hydration and blood flow, F’N PUMP’D ensures your muscles are engorged with oxygen and nutrients for optimal performance.

What sets F’N PUMP’D apart is its Hard-Hitting Energy Blend. With ingredients like Caffeine Anhydrous and Theobromine, this pre-workout formula provides a surge of clean, sustained energy without the crash. The addition of L-Tyrosine supports mental focus, creating a mind-muscle connection that’s crucial for intense workouts.

True to Merica Labz’s commitment to transparency, F’N PUMP’D proudly discloses its ingredient profile, allowing users to see the precise dosages. This dedication to quality ensures that each scoop delivers the explosive power needed to crush your workouts, leaving you with a feeling of unparalleled patriotism and accomplishment. Embrace the intensity, salute the gains, and conquer your fitness journey with F’N PUMP’D.



Non-Stim F’n Pump’d by Merica Labz

Designed in the fine Merican manner, Fn’ Pump’d provides:

An increase in blood flow.
An increase in the output of muscle power.
An increase in the muscular endurance.


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