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ATTENTION!! All new powerful nootropics formula from Faction Labs, the creator of the popular Disorder pre-workout.

Attention is packed with ingredients that will boost your mental focus, mood and productivity to a whole new level, suitable for anyone who struggles with energy levels, mood swings, lack of focus or creativity.
Lion’s Mane & L-Tyrosine are the main key ingredients in this formula, both at a full gram from each serving, with other 14 active ingredients for a complete cognitive boost, including :
Alpha GPC & Citicoline (For improved brain function)
Ashwagandha, Rhodiola Rosea and L-theanine (To help relieve your stress levels)
Natural Green Tea & Green Coffee Bean Extract (source of natural caffeine without jitters)
Astragin (for maximum absorption of all the active ingredients)
…and more!!

Comes in 3 refreshing flavours
-Peach Mango
-Orange Passionfruit
-Strawberry Melon

Get yours now and be ready to feel the difference, get productive!


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