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Estro by Primabolics Nutrition is a potent combination of botanicals, micronutrients, and carefully chosen minerals that is designed to optimise and restore your natural ‘you’! Hormonal imbalances are extremely prevalent in contemporary society.

Every day, we are bombarded by numerous sources of stress, Cosmetics, Chemicals such as pesticides, cosmetics, and pollutants, nutrient deficiencies, poor diets, and inadequate sleep which naturally puts a strain on our bodies’ intricate hormonal balance. Stress has been shown in studies to elevate Cortisol levels, which has a detrimental effect on thyroid function, effectively shutting down your metabolism. Additionally, it has been shown in studies to increase Estrogen and decrease Testosterone.

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Estro by Primabolics Nutrition

Additionally, cortisol impairs our bodies’ defences against environmental toxins by slowing our detoxification pathways. When detoxification is compromised, Estrogen and other primary hormones cannot be removed from circulation in order to maintain balance. Cortisol is further aided by the chemical environmental burden in taxing our detox pathways, which are critical for hormonal balance. So how do we determine if hormonal imbalances are present?

Symptoms of Estrogen-related imbalances include the following:

  • Low mood, mood swings that are irrational, and general anxiety
  • Operating on the basis of gut feelings of general anxiety
  • Bloating, retention of fluids
  • Stubborn body fat deposits in the lower abdomen, lower back, hips, buttocks, and thighs
  • Thyroid function is impaired.
  • Diagnosis of conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or endometriosis

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How can Estro by Primabolics Nutrition Assist?


This miraculous herb is renowned for balancing the oestrogen to progesterone ratio, which is critical for both women’s monthly cycle regularity and men’s androgen ratio optimisation.

Vitex has also been shown to be extremely beneficial in conditions such as PCOS, where an excess of androgenic hormones results in cystic activity in the ovaries. Vitex has been shown in studies to help women maintain a healthy Estrogen to Progesterone ratio. This is extremely beneficial for symptoms associated with such conditions.

Finally, Vitex is a highly effective Dopamine agonist, which means it significantly increases the amount of Dopamine (your feel-good, reward-related neurotransmitter) in your brain.

This results in an increase in mood, memory, focus, and cognition, as well as feelings of reward and optimism. As a result, it is an effective botanical mood stabiliser as well as a hormonal balancer.

Extract of Broccoli Sprouts (naturally occurring DIM)

DIM is a lovely compound that aids in the phase two detoxification of Estrogen metabolites in the body. This means that when your body attempts to balance Estrogen, it detoxifies excess hormone. DIM facilitates this process by promoting detoxification and restoring balance.


Curcumin is a highly concentrated extract of Turmeric that is renowned for its numerous beneficial properties. To begin, it has been shown to reduce inflammation and act as a potent antioxidant.

These two characteristics alone are extremely beneficial to overall well-being!

It does, however, play a lesser-known role in regulating Hepatic (liver-based) Estrogen metabolism. Curcumin perfectly complements the actions of DIM and Vitex by stimulating and supporting hepatic oestrogen metabolism!

Ashwagandha and Lemon Balm

These two exquisite plant extracts are so effective at reducing stress and anxiety that they have been dubbed ‘herbal valium’ in the literature!

This is because they have the ability to balance Cortisol, our bodies’ stress hormone, while simultaneously promoting GABA in the brain. GABA is a neurotransmitter associated with feelings of calm, well-being, and contentment in general.

This is an excellent supplement to ESTRO if hormonal imbalances are anticipated, as almost all hormonal imbalances are accompanied by mood swings!

Additionally, trials have shown that Ashwagandha 300mg reduces Cortisol by 32%. This is critical because Cortisol has been shown to have a negative effect on the Androgen ratio in both men and women. Cortisol decreases Testosterone in men and increases Estrogen relative to Progesterone in women. Including a botanical that has been shown to help regulate this Cortisol-induced hormonal mayhem is an ideal feature of ESTRO.

Estro By Primabolics Nutrition

Cysteine, N-Acetyl

NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) is a potent antioxidant that may have a variety of health benefits. It may aid in the treatment of mood disorders, insomnia, infections, and inflammation. It increases glutathione levels and aids in the treatment of the majority of states of increased oxidative stress associated with chronic health problems.

Additionally, it aids in the repair and maintenance of liver damage and detoxification.

A healthy liver is one that is capable of efficiently detoxifying excess hormones and eliminating toxins from our bodies, further promoting harmony!

Zinc, Iodine, Vitamin B6, and Methyl B12 are all essential minerals.

These nutrients are necessary for a variety of bodily functions, but particularly the thyroid and detoxification.

Iodine is critical for normal metabolic function and is frequently deficient, inhibiting a robust, rapid Basal Metabolic rate.

Apart from providing these nutrients, which are involved in a variety of metabolic pathways, Iodine also supports thyroid function, as oestrogen imbalances frequently have a detrimental effect on thyroid function. In essence, if your hormones are out of balance, your thyroid is as well, and Iodine is critical for this organ’s proper function!

Additionally, the methylated B vitamins are critical for Phase 2 detoxification, which allows hormones to be metabolised and detoxified in order to restore balance!

Picolinate of Chromium

Chromium is a critical nutrient for Insulin function and has been shown to significantly improve insulin sensitivity. Insulin resistance is extremely common in individuals with hormonal imbalances or who are stressed, and it wreaks havoc on the body. Insulin resistance is also a significant factor in PCOS, as the AMA* has hypothesised in recent studies.

Thus, by lowering blood sugar and increasing insulin sensitivity, this mineral will significantly benefit conditions such as PCOS that have been linked to Insulin resistance.

How do I use Estro by Primabolics Nutrition?

Take two capsules in the morning and two capsules in the evening with food. For the first 2-4 weeks, if significant imbalances are anticipated, all four capsules can be taken in the morning. Estro by Primabolics Nutrition comes in a one-month supply (120 caps at 4 per day).Estro By Primabolics Nutrition


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