Bpi Micronized Creatine


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BPI MICRONIZED CREATINE might just be the absolute most intensely researched sports supplement available currently. Creatine is a key supplement that occurs naturally in the body and found in certain kinds of food. Creatine capacities as an energy source in your muscle cells, assisting with expanding strength and reduce fatigue during intense workout sessions. BPI MICRONIZED CREATINE is a 100% unadulterated creatine that has been micronized by reducing large creatine atoms into smaller particles to improve bioavailability and absorption.




Why BPI Mircoionized Creatine?

You needn’t bother with supplements. That is the reason they’re called supplements – they basically supplement what you’re as of now doing in the gym and kitchen. In any case, if you need to take your performance to the next level, a supplement that aids you boost your pump, enhance recovery, improve strength and stamina, and feel stronger during your exercise is vital. 

Creatine is one of the most intensely studied and broadly acknowledged supplements available. Proven advantages incorporate strength, endurance, muscle pump, muscle completion and recovery. While creatine is naturally delivered in the body, supplementation allows athletes to build up their stores with the goal that it is all the more promptly available while working out. 

For those searching for the best creatine supplements, BPI Sports offers a definitive, extra-strength product. This formula carries 5g of this strong supplement with instant absorption to the muscle cells, giving increased strength, power, and solid energy. This excellent formula can be consumed pre, mid or post-workout.

How to use BPI Micronized Creatine?

For optimal results, take one (1) serving (1 scoop) blended into 8 oz. of ice-cold water before and after working out, or as directed by a qualified healthcare practitioner. On non-training days, take one (1) serving (1 scoop) first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, or as directed by a qualified healthcare practitioner.


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Creatine monohydrate 5 g