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Turkesterone by Fantom Sports is the newest supplement to hit the Australian market, having garnered significant attention online, particularly in the United States. Turkesterone is an ecdysteroid, which is naturally found in both plants and insects and plays a critical structural and functional role in both. Turkesterone research is progressing slowly, but there are already some encouraging results indicating that it may have beneficial effects on strength, muscle growth, and muscle protein synthesis. With all of these beneficial effects, Turkesterone is an obvious choice for anyone looking to improve their body composition.

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Turkesterone by Fantom Sports

Turkesterone is the next big thing to hit the Australian supplement market after receiving a huge amount of attention online, especially in the United States. Turkesterone is what is known as an ecdysteroid which are found naturally in plants and insects and play an important structural and functional role for both.

Turkesterone By Fantom Sports Media

Key Ingredients found in Turkesterone by Fantom Sports

Ajuga Turkestanica Extract (Standardized to 10% Turkesterone) is an ecdysteroid, meaning it contains hormones found in plants, insects, and arthropods. They assist insects in driving critical survival processes, while plants use them to build structures and keep predators away. Ecdysteroids are currently undergoing extensive research due to their potential to aid in muscle growth and metabolism. Do not accept a substandard type of Turkesterone!!

The Hydroxypropyl-Beta-Cyclodextrin Complex is a critical component of this product to consider because it essentially aids in the efficient passage of more nutrients (The Turk) through the stomach lining.

What Is Turkesterone By Fantom Sports

Why Turkesterone by Fantom Sports

  • Appears to be anabolic in nature and to stimulate muscle growth
  • Assists in the metabolism of lipids and carbohydrates, which can aid in fat loss
  • Several human studies indicate that it may hold some promise for athletes.
  • Originating naturally from plants or insects
  • Can aid in the development of strength and muscle protein synthesis

Is Turkesterone By Fantom Sports Safe

How to best use Turkesterone by Fantom Sports

Take 1-2 capsules of Turkesterone by Fantom Sports daily (500-1000mg daily), depending on the desired outcome. If taking twice daily, divide the dosage by eight hours. Turkesterone is said to have no effect on natural testosterone production, but if you experience any negative side effects, please seek medical advice.


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