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Thermal by Glaxon is a non-stimulant weight management aid that works by activating several of the body’s fat-oxidative mechanisms. These mechanisms gradually transform fat cells into more metabolically active cells, increasing their intrinsic ability to burn more fat.



Thermal by Glaxon

How is it defined?
Thermal is a cutting-edge non-stimulant weight management tool that focuses on increasing the metabolic activity of fat cells. In other words, thermal may enhance the body’s ability to burn fat more efficiently.

Why would I take Thermal by Glaxon?
Thermal’s versatility stems from its ability to be combined with stimulant fat burners or pre-workouts, despite the fact that it contains no stimulants. Alternatively, if you prefer not to take any stimulants or workout late in the day, Thermal can provide a metabolic boost to assist you in achieving your wellness goals.

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How does Thermal actually work?

Thermal therapy works by inducing several processes within the fat cell that promote the conversion of white fat cells to brown fat cells, which are more metabolically active. We provide the amino acid L-Carnitine, which is involved in fatty acid transport, Innoslim, which activates fat oxidation by inducing AMPK, and MitoBurnTM, a novel myokine that has a direct effect on white fat cells “beiging” into brown fat cells.

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How do I take Thermal by Glaxon

Mix 1 Scoop of Thermal by Glaxon ideally 30–45 minutes before exercise.

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