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Notorious by Nubreed Nutrition Is An Aggressive Stimulant-Based Pre-Workout Formulated For Individuals Looking For The “Ultimate Mind & Muscle Connection,”



Notorious by Nubreed Nutrition

S7® Massive Pumps

NO is increased by 230 percent with a plant-based sports nutrition supplement that stimulates the optimum type of nitric oxide synthesis – your body’s own internal NO.

SenActive® Train Harder / Longer

Reduces muscle inflammation, which speeds up muscle recovery. SenActive® provides critical nutrients to enable the body’s glutathione levels improve dramatically after exercise. Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant and is necessary for oxidative stress relief. Train harder, train longer, and recover more quickly.

Alpha EXA® Intense Mental Drive

The Alpha EXA® & HyperSpeed® Complex in Notorious® stimulates a neural receptor called the NMDA receptor, which plays a key role in neural (CNS) activation to provide exceptional tunnel vision focus and concentration.

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HyperSpeed® Long Lasting Energy

Is a blend of bioactive substances that are solely neuro-stimulatory and have no effect on heart rate, blood pressure, or vasoconstriction. The central nervous system (CNS) is stimulated by HyperSpeed®, while the circulatory system is unaffected.

NRG3® Multi Phase Caffeine

NRG3® is a multi-phase delivery system that combines Caffeine Anhydrous, Dicaffeine Malate, and Caffeine Citrate to offer the clean energy boost you’ve come to expect from Nubreed Nutrition.

Myosorb® (PH) Buffering Complex

The pH buffering complex Myosorb® (pH) functions as a pH adjuster and alkalizing agent. Myosorb® (pH) may help to raise your blood pH slightly, which helps to counteract lactic acid in the muscles, which causes weariness to occur more quickly.

AstraGin® Superior Absorption / Effectiveness

AstraGin® improves the absorption of nutrients released from digested foods and supplements in the intestines by increasing mRNA and transporter protein expression, allowing more nutrients to enter the bloodstream and reach the rest of the body. Clinical investigations have shown that AstraGin® increases L-Citrulline absorption by 45 percent.

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