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Are you a fan of Mars Bars? Now you can enjoy all of the taste of a Mars Bar while consuming less calories and getting more protein. If you’re searching for an excuse to devour a chocolate bar, try one of these incredible tasting bars.

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Melt in your mouth, crunch in your teeth, complete delectable high protein delicacy.

To our ears, that sounds quite pleasant!

Yes, you read that correctly; the Mars company has launched their own protein bar line. If that isn’t enough to entice you to purchase a protein bar, perhaps this will.

These protein bars, available in the Mars Original flavour, are based on the success of Mars’ iconic chocolate bar originals and are designed to taste exactly like your favourite dairy bar.

With only 200kcal per bar and up to 18g of protein per serve, you can now enjoy a Mars bar guilt-free.

While these bars contain close to 20g of carbohydrates and 7g of fat per bar, they still contain 20% fewer calories than their originals.

Did you ever imagine the day when you could recover by eating a Mars bar?

Indeed, you can now truly have your cake (bar) and eat it too!


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