Inspired Nutraceuticals Brud Advanced Coffee Elixar


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Inspired Nutraceuticals Brud Advanced Coffee Elixar. Shoutout to all you coffee fanatics, This new supplement by Inspired will change the way you look at your coffee forever A premium coffee formulated with adaptogens and nootropics to take your mental focus and brain function to another level.

Vegan-friendly and naturally sweetened, this clean-energy blend will give high performers the focus necessary to get the most out of every day.

Each serve includes:

  • 125mg of caffeine from specially sourced Arabica coffee for a clean energy hit with no crash
  • 430mg of MCT Powder which could help boost energy and increase your metabolic rate
  • 200mg of Lions Mane Mushroom which has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and could help improve cognition



Attention all coffee connoisseurs: this is a special treat for you. Rekindle your passion for coffee with our premium blend, which contains adaptogens and nootropics to help you reach your mental and physical potential and elevate your daily performance to a whole new level.

Boost cognitive function
Concentrate your efforts
Make the best use of your time and energy
A pure, naturally sweetened source of energy that maximises the benefits of your daily caffeine intake.

Nootropics are beneficial to the brain, while coffee is beneficial to the soul.


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