Hab Shifa Black Seed Oil Capsules


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Hab Shifa black seed oil capsules contain the same 100 percent pure Black Seed Oil as our bottles, but in a convenient capsule form.
Antioxidant-rich and high in essential fatty acids, regular use helps to maintain a healthy immune system, giving it the ability to fight infections. Provides numerous benefits for the body, hair, and immune system. For centuries, this unassuming little aromatic seed has been revered as a remedy for reestablishing the body’s natural balance, strengthening its defences, and treating a variety of chronic diseases.

There has been a growing body of research demonstrating the healing properties of Hab Shifa Black Seed Oil Capsules, something that has been assumed for centuries but can now be scientifically demonstrated. Black Seed is now recognised to have a variety of beneficial properties, owing primarily to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties.



Hab Shifa Black Seed Oil Capsules
Hab shifa black seed oil capsules

Hab Shifa black seed oil capsules

Black seed and allergies

Hab Shifa black seed oil Capsules is a well-known natural remedy for allergy relief.
Nigellone and TQ, two active constituents in Black Seed Oil, have been shown to support the body’s defence system, control allergic reactions, and provide significant relief from a variety of allergy symptoms.
According to a 2008 study, nigellone has antihistaminic and bronchodilator properties, acting specifically as an antispasmodic and clearing away mucus in allergy sufferers, as well as relieving asthma symptoms.

TQ is anti-inflammatory and detoxifying, as well as anti-asthmatic and anti-allergy. These active components of Black Seed have been shown to reduce inflammation and provide symptomatic relief to allergy sufferers when combined.

Immunity and black seed

Hab Shifa black seed oil capsules has been shown to boost the immune system’s response to infections and fungal diseases, as well as aid in the reduction of symptoms associated with allergic reactions, inflammatory conditions, and autoimmune disorders.

Support for the Skin and Hair

The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immune-supportive properties of Hab Shifa black seed oil capsules have been shown to help reduce hair loss and thinning hair, as well as psoriasis and eczema symptoms.

Blood sugar control and cardiovascular health

Hab Shifa Black Seed Oil Bottle

Hab Shifa black seed oil capsules has been shown to be effective in treating metabolic syndrome

A group of conditions associated with an increased risk of stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. In comparison to a placebo, Black Seed resulted in decreased BMI, body fat, blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose levels.

According to a 2016 study, Black Seed Oil not only improves the body’s ability to regulate glucose, but also plays a significant role in the treatment of diabetes complications such as cardiovascular problems.


Hab Shifa black seed oil capsules has been shown to significantly improve functional dyspepsia symptoms, reduce inflammatory responses and bacterial loads associated with intestinal obstruction, improve gastric ulcers, and aid in the treatment of colitis.

Healthy Respiratory System

Hab Shifa black seed oil capsules anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties aid in the treatment of colds, flu, sinusitis, as well as asthma and bronchial inflammation.

Immunity bolstering

Despite medicine’s tenacious battle against infection, we are increasingly seeing the emergence of multi-resistant pathogens that are resistant to current antibiotics. These resistant pathogens place an increased burden on the immune system, which serves as our primary line of defence against illness and infection.

Much of the clinical research on Black Seed has focused on its antioxidant properties, which help the body heal itself by reducing the effects of free radical damage.

Additionally, research indicates that TQ, or Thymoquinone, is one of the most significant chemical compounds found in Hab Shifa Black Seed Oil Capsules.

This compound has been shown in studies to be hepatoprotective, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant, and to act effectively as an antimicrobial agent, modulating the immune response, supporting the immune system, and assisting in the prevention of infections.

Where it all began

The Black Seed has been used to treat a wide variety of diseases and ailments for thousands of years and is one of the few ancient remedies backed by scientific research.

The history of Black Seed Oil dates all the way back to ancient times, when it was revered by both Eastern and Western civilizations. Black Seed has been mentioned in ancient texts and has been discovered in Pharaohs’ tombs.

For hundreds of years, Hab Shifa Black Seed Oil Capsules has been used to aid in the maintenance of many civilizations’ health and well-being; however, it wasn’t until recently that science discovered why Black Seed Oil is such a panacea for maintaining health and treating a wide variety of illnesses.

Mahfouz and Dakhany pioneered the identification of many of the constituents of Black Seed in the 1950s, most notably Thymoquinone (TQ), which is unique to Black Seed. TQ has since been shown in a large number of peer-reviewed studies to be responsible for a large number of Black Seed Oil’s health-promoting properties.

Its potency is due to the presence of several pharmacologically active constituents, including thymoquinone, thymohydroquinone, dithymoquinone, thymol, and nigellone, among others.

The Black Seed is a member of the Buttercup Family and is a perennial herb with white flowers that grows to a height of 16 to 24 inches.

The deep black, sharp-cornered rectangular seeds (no more than 3 mm in length) are the part of the plant used to make our Black Seed products.

Gernot Katzer, a culinary spice expert and former researcher at Austria’s University of Graz, has compiled a comprehensive list of the 63 different names for this remarkable herb and spice. What Katzer notes is that nearly all of these names contain an element meaning ‘black’ in reference to the seeds’ unusually dark colour, as well as a second component meaning ‘cumin’, ‘caraway’, or simply ‘grain’.

Over 100 different constituents are found in the Hab Shifa Black Seed, including vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. Sprinkle the seeds on cereals, muesli, and salads, or incorporate them into breads, soups, stir-fries, and smoothies.

We sell Australian-made Black Seeds, Capsules, and Oil. Our Black Seeds, Capsules, and Oils are an excellent year-round supplement, but are especially beneficial during the winter cold and flu season!

Hab Shifa Black Seed Oil Health Benefits


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