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Executioner Highlights

  • 400mg caffeine anhydrous
  • Exceptional vitality, motivation, and aggression
  • Increased synthesis of nitric oxide
  • Increased mood, concentration, and alertness
  • Increased blood circulation and nutrient delivery
  • Strength and power increased

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Executioner by Killer Labz

Caffeine Anhydrous (400mg) — Stimulant of the central nervous system that provides raw, intense energy, attention, and aggression.
Beta-Alanine (2500mg) — Increases muscle carnosine reserves to improve H+ buffering and endurance while decreasing fatigue onset
Eria Jarensis (250mg) — Stimulant that induces euphoria and gives continuous energy and mood enhancement
S7 (50mg) — S7 has a 230 percent increase in Nitric Oxide!

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Benefits of Executioner by Killer Labz

Executioner by Killer Labz is designed to help you perform better by increasing your energy, strength, and stamina. Taken approximately a half hour before a workout and have been shown to boost muscle strength, cognition, lean muscle development, and endurance.

Consistently consuming Executioner by Killer Labz can assist maximise its effect on your performance. It can also increase your confidence and provide the boost you need to reach your top performance level and continue to advance your physical abilities.

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How to take Executioner by Killer Labz

Mix 1 Scoop of Executioner by Killer Labz 30 mins before working out!

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