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We’ve transformed DVST8 Energy RTD by Inspired Nutraceuticals into a delectable canned energy drink that provides a burst of energy anytime, anywhere. There is no sugar, no carbs, and no calories – just pure, clean energy to get things done.
One of the most potent energy drinks on the Australian market.
Enhances mental clarity and concentration
Contains only pure, high-quality ingredients that have been clinically tested


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We’d describe DVST8 Energy RTD by Inspired Nutraceuticals Cans as focused, buzzed, or in-the-zone. Following the success of their stimulant-based powders, Inspired has taken it a step further by making that feeling even more convenient.

Ingredients in DVST8 Energy RTD by Inspired Nutraceuticals Cans

DVST8’s Zero Sugar RTD Can contains everything you need in an energy drink and more. Beginning with 200mg of caffeine anhydrous to provide an energising boost. Combine that with a massive 3200mg beta alanine, 1000mg betaine anhydrous, B vitamins, and l-tyrosine, and you have an energy drink unlike any other available in Australia.

To learn more about these incredible ingredients, be sure to check out the nutritional panel on this page.

DVST8 Flavors for Cans

While performance is critical, it is the flavours in DVST8 RTD cans that keep the brand’s devoted fans coming back for more. Available in delicious fairy-floss, lime, peach-mango, or strawberry-champagne flavours. These are all fantastic, but which DVST8 can flavour is truly the best? You decide; we believe they are all excellent.

Review of DVST8 Energy Cans

After conducting a review of Inspired Nutraceuticals Cans, we can state unequivocally that it is one of the best RTD formulas currently available in Australia. These observations are based on the ingredients, which are specifically formulated for gym-goers and those who engage in anaerobic activities. The inclusion of significant amounts of beta alanine and betaine truly distinguishes the formula and will help improve workout performance. The moderate caffeine and B-vitamin content will also aid in mental clarity, but will not keep you awake if used prior to or during a pm workout.

As previously stated, the taste is fantastic, and we believe that DVST8 Energy Drink will exceed the expectations of even the harshest critic.


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