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To gain significant weight, you must consume more energy than you expend. A variety of variables must be taken into account,  It’s possible that true hard gainers will require much more. Getting enough high-quality, protein-rich calories to supplement your training sessions then Clean Gainer by Rival US is the perfect choice.



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You can’t acquire the food you need to grow, but you don’t want to eat cheap, unpleasant, filler-filled weight gainers.

Clean Gainer by Rival US was created by athletes for athletes who desire REAL food and REAL gains, not the fluffy sugar bloat that so many rookie lifters suffer from.

When it comes to muscle growth, protein is key, but fats and carbohydrates are also necessary to support the process. However, many mass gainer products contain perplexing substances that may leave you scratching your head.

Clean Gainer by Rival US is a supplement packed with high-quality components that will help you perform at your best throughout training and recovery.

Clean Gainer by Rival US contains four different types of protein to aid muscle protein synthesis and create a big amino pool for your body to draw from even after your workout is finished.

Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC): Whey Milk is the first-tier byproduct of the cheese-making process, which is subsequently filtered to produce Whey Protein Concentrate.

WPC is high in immunoglobulins and is ideal for promoting healthy gut bacteria.

Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) / Milk Protein Isolate: A second-tier byproduct of cheese production in which WPC is filtered further to remove the majority of lipids and carbohydrates, resulting in a Whey protein isolate that is low in lactose but rich in protein.

Milk Protein Isolate, on the other hand, is manufactured from whole milk before it is filtered to isolate the protein, rather than from the cheese-making process.

Micellar Casein is the simplest type of Casein protein to absorb and has undergone minimal processing due to cold filtration.

Micellar Casein, like WPI, has had the lactose, fat, and other byproducts eliminated, resulting in a high-quality protein.

Casein is a protein-rich, slow-absorbing source of amino acids that provides the body with a 7-hour supply of amino acids, making it excellent for those with a hectic lifestyle who want to fuel their muscles during the day or as a night cap to aid recuperation while sleeping.

It doesn’t end there, though.

No foul fillers or gums block the overall nutritional profile thanks to lipids derived from Medium Chain Triglycerides, Flaxseed powder, and Avocado powder, as well as carbs derived from oat fibre and organic quinoa.

Clean Gainer by Rival US is ideal for anyone who is short on time and wants to increase their calorie intake without blowing your macros out of the water.

Clean Gainer By Rival Us Nutritional Info

  • 30g Protein
  • 560kcal
  • Carbohydrates 90 g
  • 7 g of fat

Clean Gainer by Rival US encapsulates what it means to be food in a liquid form, combining a broad range of high-quality protein sources to ensure optimal amino acid availability with real food natural carbohydrate sources like quinoa, oat fibre, and brown rice.

It doesn’t end there, though.

Clean Gainer By Rival Us 12Lb Chocolate Fudge

Clean Gainer by Rival US provides high-quality dietary fats from avocado and flaxseed, as well as supporting adequate micronutrient consumption with wild blueberries, monk fruit, ginger root for digestive support, and other antioxidant-rich foods for better overall health.

Clean Gainer is actually the one-stop shop of all weight gainers for boys and ladies wishing to gain high-quality lean mass from high-quality diet, with less than 8g of sugar each serve.

What more could you ask for than instant mixability, superb taste, and no clumps


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